A lot of you should now be familiar with Ron L. Christainson’s work. His scratch build project, “Biohazard PC” leaped off our blog page last year. Ron just finished his “IRON MAN CASE MOD” with Thermaltake’s new Armor Revo case for the upcoming Computex Show June 5th – 9th in Taipei, Taiwan.


Thermaltake’s new ARMOR REVO Snow Edition would serve as Ron’s blank canvas. You can read more details about the features and specifications about this case on their website link here, ARMOR REVO Snow Edition 


 The project started out with the center piece of the entire build, a replica of Iron Man’s Arc Reactor that Ron made from scratch. Materials consisted a sink strain, plexi glass, rc model airplane engine mount, LEDS and copper wire.


 You can remove the chest plate from the side panel to view all of the gears and inner workings.

Source: 2012 IRON MAN CASE MOD by BSHTECH is AMAZING! | Case Mod Blog.


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