Parental Rights and Power. (interesting discussion) – If I own my own house, I should most definitely have the right to decide who can live there, who can stay there, who can visit, and all of that. I can also, probably at least to some extent, control the comings and goings of those who live with me, since if they don’t do what I say, I can make them leave. I have that weight over their head. Those are the rights and powers inherently granted to those who own their own homes or rent their own apartments, yes?

This, as we all know, doesn’t change just because someone has a kid. They use their rights as parents, and the power to kick their kids out to control their kids, and, arguably, it’s their right since it’s their house that they paid for. I can definitely see this line of argument. The reason I have a problem, and the reason all youth-rights supporters generally have a problem with this, is because the children/teens/whatever don’t actually have a choice in the matter.

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